Ostinelli&Priest, a range of ceramic animal sculptures to delight.

The aim of the work created by Ostinelli&Priest is to delight and inform through its presence and character.  The subjects chosen remain consistent, although due to the incredible number of breeds, the diversity of animals used as subjects never stops growing.  Even as the work continues to develop in its subjects, their form, colour and size, the basic construction remains the same.

Ostinelli&Priest have always thought of their work as a cross-over. On one hand is sculpture, with pieces created in clay and fired, and on the other is painting where the colour is applied. Bringing both of these elements together builds the character and individuality of each piece.

The work of Ostinelli&Priest has become very collectable, generating both national and international interest particularly in North America.   The work has been involved in exhibitions in China, as well as being exported to New Zealand, France, Denmark, Brazil, Italy, and South Africa.  The work was also short listed for The David Sherpherd Wild Life Artist of The Year Award, selling at The Mall Galleries.

The working partnership which is Ostinelli&Priest flourishes and develops simply due to the balance of understanding between the two artists. This in turn enables them to continue to create work that pleases and inspires.